Pouenat Ferronnier – Lemaire Thierry Thierry Lemaire

Thierry Lemaire

Interior architect Thierry Lemaire: a contemporary definition of chic.
Thierry Lemaire is an architect, designer and interior decorator all rolled into one. After having started out in interior architecture, Thierry’s perfect command of the fields of architecture, design and interior decoration naturally gave way to his great passion for modern and functional furnishings where, by definition, each piece of furniture he creates is a work of architecture in and of itself.
Harmony, consistency, energy, quality, luxury – These are the key words that his work is defined by.
Thierry Lemaire is fond of raw and precious materials, sometimes rugged sometimes smooth, all of which are properly cared for in all of his creations.

Floor lamp / Reading lamp - Idris - Thierry Lemaire - Pouenat Ferronnier - LP5200H1