Pouenat Ferronnier – Ausset Fabrice Fabrice Ausset

Fabrice Ausset

Fabrice Ausset creates glittery worlds, fun environments and surprising places with a new and refreshing twist. With a background firmly rooted in traditional arts and French excellence, Fabrice Ausset lights up every day life by teaming up traditional and contemporary benchmarks,  sobriety and audacity, austerity and opulence. He draws inspiration from different periods, across different continents and multiple art forms  (paintings, architecture, design, gastronomy, literature).

Armchair - Silverwing - Fabrice Ausset - Pouenat Ferronnier - SG5500F2/F3/F4
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Some references of Fabrice Ausset:

  • Windows for Baccarat - Etats-Unis.
  • Store concept 66 Champs Élysées - Paris, France.
  • Hôtel Saint Vincent - Paris, France.
  • The La Ferrandaise restaurant - Paris, France.
  • The L’Ardoise restaurant - Paris, France.
  • BNP Paribas bank store concept - Paris, France.