Pouenat Ferronnier - Kroener Kaki  Kaki Kroener

Kaki Kroener

Kaki Kroener is relaunching a collection of lights for POUENAT, giving them, in the literal sense, a ‘new light’ by surrounding chandeliers with organza veils, thus creating an ethereal light through iridescent reflections. Over the years, she has designed a furniture collection combining different materials: lacquer, glass and hammered metal, favouring the form of the curve in a spirit that is luxurious, feminine and poetic.

Wall light - Topsy-turvy - Kaki Kroener - Pouenat Ferronnier - A3540C2
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Some references of Kaki Kroener:

  • Furniture and light creations for Julie Prisca, Modénature, Dom Edizioni...