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Olivier Gagnère

French designer Olivier Gagnère has earned his place in contemporary design. Through a practice of displacing traditional lines, he breaks away from the confines of geometry and gives rise to a new balance of shape and form. Sometimes inverted, sometimes out-of-step, his creations, i.e. vases, ceramics, glassware, furniture and other objects for the table all have a unique personality. Respectful of the design conventions of the past, Olivier Gagnère effortlessly creates a new aesthetic out of them. Through a slight shift in method, a slight “twist” if you will, he connects forms that receive our full attention, provoke our emotions and question our references. Designed within the same spirit of the refinement and flexibility of form, Olivier Gagnère’s furniture and interior architecture creations maintain his filiation to the ethos of French schools of design, with elegance and modesty. Perfectly modern, he’s classical at the same time.

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