Pouenat Ferronnier – Auer Tristan Tristan Auer

Tristan Auer

Through the achievement of prestigious worldwide projects, the interior architect Tristan Auer affirms his sophisticated style and his passion for a perfect piece of work. Using natural materials, he creates confidential and intimate worlds in line with the tradition of twentieth century interior decorators. In his collaboration with POUENAT, Tristan Auer has developed a collection of furniture by conducting background work on their modern uses, thanks to the choice of precious and traditional materials

Lamp - Caracas - Tristan Auer - Pouenat Ferronnier - L4000E1-B
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Some references of Tristan Auer:

  • Hôtel La Sivolière - Courchevel, France.
  • Hôtel Jules - Paris, France.
  • Le Tara Jarmon Main Shop - Paris, France.
  • Hôtel Crillon - Paris, France.
  • Hôtel Les Bains - Paris, France.