Artistic craftsmen in wrought iron since 1880, the POUENAT studios were established in Moulins, Allier.
In the sixties, they expanded into interior design and decorative arrangement of metals.
The takeover of POUENAT by Jacques Rayet in 1995 marked an important turning point. Already creating their own work in their studios, under Rayet POUENAT started to release lighting and objects produced by famous designers-architects, which led to Success and international establishment.
POUENAT is one of the few ‘artistic’ producers in the profession of iron craft. Today it employs twenty-five skilled craftsmen and collaborators, still in Moulins. A great renaissance, recognised in France and abroad.
In 2009, the “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, or EPV), awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment confirmed the excellence and rarity of POUENAT’s Knowledge.